Vertica Tip: Setting the Table-Level Active Partition Count

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Vertica Tip: Setting the Table-Level Active Partition Count

Post by JimKnicely » Sat Sep 22, 2018 2:32 pm

The Tuple Mover assumes that all loads and updates to a partitioned table are targeted to one or more partitions that it identifies as active. In general, the partitions with the largest partition keys—typically, the most recently created partitions—are regarded as active. As the partition ages, it commonly transitions to a mostly read-only workload and requires much less activity.

The configuration parameter ActivePartitionCount determines how many partitions are active for partitioned tables in the database. By default, ActivePartitionCount is set to 1.

As of Vertica 9.1.1, you can override ActivePartitionCount by setting a Table-Level Active Partition Count!

See an example here: ... tion-count
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